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Blackthrone Ascension

Blackthrone Ascension is a symphonic deathcore band from Vancouver, BC, that draws lyrical inspiration from the Warhammer Fantasy universe. Their genre is rooted in symphonic deathcore, but they incorporate elements from various subgenres of metal, resulting in a unique sound. Their music features captivating guitar solos, intense blast beats, a wide vocal range with diverse techniques, and symphonic elements that bring in sparkle and melody. With the addition of enchanting orchestration, this 5-piece band creates a rich and dynamic soundscape in each of their songs. The members of Blackthrone Ascension have come together from different bands that have previously opened for renowned acts like Black Tongue, Kataklysm, The Faceless, and Fleshgod Apocalypse. This convergence has formed an emerging powerhouse in the western Canadian music scene.

Fans of Fit For an Autopsy, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Lorna Shore, and Brand of Sacrifice will surely enjoy Blackthrone Ascension's music
(at least a little bit).

Blackthrone Ascension is...

James Hague

Dayton Levitt

Daniel Clark

Carsen Viau



Guitar, Composer


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Feel free to contact us for any inquiries or just to say hi! You can find our social media below, or our other links here: https://linktr.ee/blackthroneascensionbc

Email: blackthroneascension@gmail.com